Changing Jobs

This week I decided to take a leap of faith and accept a new job. I have been (mostly) satisfied in the position I work in now. I have been here for over 2 years and it is my first “big girl job” (meaning that it is permanent employment and I make a salary).

Some history about my job now: I work in special education as a nurse but my role is so much more than that. I swore up and down that I would never work in pediatrics but here I am. I work with an amazing team and I have learned so much. I have gained so much respect for the special needs community and I will hold that in my heart forever. This job was (almost) worth the 70+ mile a day commute over the last two years because I knew I was making a difference. However, there isn’t much room to grow and I definitely have more growing to do.

Last week I went in for an interview for a weekend position at a rehab/long term care facility down the street from my parent’s house and a job fell into my lap because a nurse is moving across the country! It would have been really hard to say no to. I will be doing a little bit of a lifestyle overhaul because I will be switching to night shift.. Gonna have to learn how to stay up all night WITHOUT gaining weight 🙂

So.. that’s where I stand. It is definitely bittersweet to be moving on from my first job but it is a wonderful opportunity and change promotes growth (I hope)



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