Yesterday my doctor told me I wasn’t taking care of myself..

A little over a month ago I spent 9 days in the hospital because of an e.coli infection. Long story short, I had quite a few complications including a suspected ileus, re-feeding syndrome and hypertension due to my kidneys being overloaded.

I lost about 10 pounds in two weeks and I was feeling weak and malnourished. I went on a planned trip to Disney World about a week after I was discharged from the hospital and worked my way back up to “normal” in the last month.

So yesterday I went to see my primary care doctor for a follow up. Turns out my blood pressure is still elevated and I gained back most of the weight that I lost when I was sick. My doctor told me that it is a direct result of me not taking care of myself over the last month. Of course this made me very upset. I take pride in how healthy I am. Obviously, I enjoy indulgences like pizza and wine, but I am not binge-eating Oreos or anything like that.

Not sure what she expected me to do, eat and drink nothing to maintain the fluid loss from a gastrointestinal infection?! Guess I’m in the market for a doctor who respects me..



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