Why is it so hard to eat healthy sometimes?

I love knowing how to nourish my body so that it performs the way I want it to (and it looks the way I want it to), but I also love indulging in all of the not-so-nutritious foods..

Take today for example:

Breakfast- Protein bar, herbal tea concentrate
Snack- Raspberries with mini dark chocolate chips
Lunch-Turkey tacos on lettuce wraps topped with plain greek yogurt
Snack- Unsalted rice cake organic peanut butter

I’m doing pretty well so far. But now that I’m about to leave work it is going to take a lot of willpower to not stop for chips and queso because I had a conversation about how good it is.

Yes, I know that it’s all about balance. But it should be more of an 80%-20% balance throughout the week instead of throughout the day..

What do you do to keep yourself from EATING ALL THE JUNK (especially at night)?




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