Morning Person Takes on Noc Shift

I have always been one of those “up before the sun” people. “Sleeping in” historically has been staying in bed until 8am. So… When I accepted my new position of 36 hours/week on overnights, I knew I was up against a challenge. 

The first few weeks were weird. I felt like I was in a fog constantly… The week of Christmas coincided with my last week of orientation which was very stressful and many tears were shed.

Now that I am getting into a routine.. Thought I would share with you what is helping me stay healthy/happy/sane:

  1. Water water water- Staying hydrated is important for anyone, but it is helping me decrease that facial puffiness that comes from staying up all night 4 nights a week
  2. Making sleep a priority. It’s still hard for me to choose sleep over the gym but from a holistic standpoint sleep>exercise
  3. Exercise- I am still trying to figure out how to fit workouts in my schedule but what I have been doing is sleeping for 5-6 hours after work then going to the gym then hanging around the house before my next shift
  4. Eat regular meals. I have been eating “breakfast” on my way out of work, “lunch” when I wake up, and dinner before I go to work. I have shake packets and protein bars in my bag for if/when hunger strikes while I’m on shift

So far so good with the transition. I’m not sure I’m cut out to be an overnight nurse forever but I’ll make the best of it!


New Years Resolutions

Hi! Sorry I have been MIA lately. The holidays and my new job sucked me away from anything but that. I made the switch to overnights so I’ve been in a little bit of a fog. So what better time to make a “comeback” than with some new year resolutions.

Three years ago my resolution was to move more and eat less. It has changed to move more and eat better. I am still working on my relationship with food.. It’s a process that I am learning to embrace. I have come so far and I am proud of what I have accomplished and learned along the way, but I definitely still have work to do.

This year I resolve to: practice yoga more often, drink less Diet Coke, take my vitamins every day, be outside more, find a better balance between work, life, and fitness, be a better cat mom, and start the house buying process. 

Happy New Year! Here’s a New Year’s Day gym selfie: