An Apology

I guess there’s no better way to do this than on my (slightly forgotten about) public blog…

I’m sorry. About a year ago, I took a job training for a gym I loved (and still have an enormous amount of respect for even though we have gone our separate ways) and with that I signed on to sell nutritional products through a well known company. When I did this, I had no knowledge of the company and no real intentions. So, with that little knowledge and no intentions, I set out to do what anybody would do: convince all my friends and family to try the products.

A lot of people said yes to me and gave it a shot (THANK YOU for supporting me). I’m not sure if its because I’m trustworthy or because I’m a good salesperson (probably just that y’all felt bad for me) but I actually saw a little bit of success. That little bit of success got the best of me and I continued to promote products I still knew nothing about. Eventually I reached a plateau because I was inexperienced and lacking support. I’m honestly so grateful that this happened.

If I knew then what I know now, I never would have signed up to sell these products. Not necessarily because they are bad products (however, I don’t think ANYBODY needs soy protein in their diet), but because (in my experience) the company did not and does not care about their downline. There has also recently been some legal action taken agains this company which says a lot about the company’s practice as a whole. This month I decided to not renew my membership with this company and it is definitely for the better.

I still want to help people live healthier and happier lives; and I hope that my friends and family (and internet strangers) maintain their trust in me. I have spent months and months researching nutrition and exercise to make myself a better health care/fitness professional. I am lucky to have now found safe products that I believe in and I can’t wait to share them as I learn more!



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