Losing Your Motivation

If you had told me a year ago that I would be where I am now, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. A year ago I was working a job I loved (although commuting almost 100 miles a day), training at a gym that I loved and I looked and felt better than ever.

I’m finally starting to realize what a hot mess the last six+ months have been. My life got really out of control. My mental and physical health have both been through the wringer. I’ve spent a lot of time feeling bad for myself and being out of sync with the world around me.

I had an “aha”  moment where I realized that things weren’t just going to fall into place, I needed to put a little work in to get my sh*t together. I’ve started working an amazing job, ran a half marathon (and I’m training for a second), I moved out of my parents and into a tiny apartment with my boyfriend and our puppy, and I’ve started really caring about what I’m putting in to my body.

I’m not ashamed to admit I lost my motivation. I didn’t even realize I lost it until I got it back. So here I am, ready to take on the world.


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