What nobody tells you about getting a puppy

So my boyfriend and I (mostly because I convinced him) got a puppy in January. We had been talking about getting a job but I’m impulsive AF so I went out and bought a puppy without much (any) preparation. 

We came home with an 8 week old Boston Terrier puppy who was biting my leggings in the playpen (I should’ve known….) 

Sammy’s First Picture

So now that it has been 7 months of puppy parenthood, I’m going to share with y’all the things I wish I had known before bringing home this tiny monster who has become the love of my life.

  1. Puppies pee a lot… Like every 5 minutes a lot
  2. Puppies don’t housebreak themselves
  3. If your puppy has a crate that is too big for him, he will use one side as a bathroom
  4. Not all puppies are born nice
  5. Puppies don’t really like to wear clothes
  6. Some puppies refuse to poop in the snow
  7. Small dog syndrome is real
  8. You will only get a few hours of sleep a night your first few months with a puppy
  9. Once a puppy learns how to go up/down stairs it cannot be unlearned
  10. Some puppies can unzip purses and then eat all your gum- ps dogs can’t have gum
  11. A puppy who refused to learn to sit can turn his act around
  12. Puppy ice cream is to puppies what wine is to stressed out puppy moms (me)
  13. A rock solid relaionship will be tested, especially if your puppy is a jerk
  14. Dog trainers are a gift from God (shout out to Meghan at PetSmart in Hanover, MA)
  15. You will fall in love hard and fast and you will miss your puppy whenever you have to leave him
  16. Related: Doggy daycare is worth every penny (shout out to Emmy’s Barking Lot in Hanover, MA)
  17. Just when you think your puppy is done puppy-ing, he will do something like tear the cover off of your favorite book (this happened this morning)
  18. If you have a particularly cute and tiny dog, you will have to stop and talk to everyone on the street/in your building/everywhere
  19. Small dogs still take up so much space in bed. But it’s like having a space heater
  20. You will become a crazy dog parent

Naps Are Better With a Pup


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